About Us

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Our Mission

Poke O is the next evolution of Poke - elevating your local raw fish bowl experience to global horizons. Our flagship location in Dallas was conceptualized with a deep love for exquisite food, art, and travel. Our mission is to spread that love with every customer through our high quality food and the local art displays and global sounds that fill our space. 

Our signature bowls draw from cultures around the globe, like our Mediterranean Bowl - a mixture that includes couscous, salmon, yellow radish, pineapple and sweet onion. Guests also have the opportunity to be the artists of their own bowl and choose from a range of our unique ingredients. 



To minimize our carbon footprint and support our local community, Poke O shops for its finest ingredients at high quality local farms and fish markets.  Our preference is organic when available. Recycling is paramount to us, and we strive to reduce paper use by having an online menu and pre-ordering option to allow us to print less paper menus. We further show our support to local artists by having a monthly rotational art display program. We believe this initiative will help promote their talents for greater exposure and appreciation.

Local, organic and sustainable are hallmarks of Poke O, with a focus on recycling wherever possible. 

Art at Poke O

In support of local artists, every month we display local art on our color-lighted wall panels. To find out how to submit your pieces for consideration or more about the program, visit our art page.