Mochi at Poke O

We’re so excited to announce that we now have dessert at Poke O! We are so happy to now offer our great customers something sweet to finish off their meal. Poke is our passion and we’ve been thrilled to see how much Dallas has been loving our poke. But like you, we always want something sweet after our meal. So we now have mochi ice cream for dessert! How tasty does that sound? We can assure you (we’ve tried them all), they are awesome!

Ok, so you may be asking yourself “What is mochi ice cream???” Let us explain what this delicious treat is for you. Mochi is a Japanese treat made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape, which for us is a round ball that encapsulates the ice cream. The result is a sweet rice dough that pairs perfectly with the ice cream!


We have three delicious flavors for you to try (or have all three!). First we have mango, which is just the right amount of citrus taste combined with the sweet dough of the mochi. Next we have classic strawberry. We know that mochi may be new to you and not something you’re brave to try. We can assure you that with strawberry ice cream inside, you will love this treat! However, if you’re feeling adventurous (or you’re a mochi pro), then we have a scrumptious green tea flavor. This option is not as sweet as the other two, but the taste is splendid! It is just enough hit of green tea flavor, mixed with the sweetness of the dough, leaving your taste buds happy!


Indulge in one of these refreshing treats or if you’re like us, try more than one! Enjoy your poke bowl, wrap, taco, or tostada, and then enjoy some mochi! Stop in today and try one of these amazing desserts!!!