Tuna Thursdays At Poke O

We all know there’s “Thirsty Thursday” (and we love that concept), but did you know that “Tuna Thursday” is a thing, too? Well, if you didn’t, you do now! At Poke O we are so excited to share our new Thursday night fun with Tuna Thursday! Stop in to our Mockingbird Station location now on Thursdays from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM to enjoy our Tuna Thursday specials. Try one of our tuna poke bowls, rice wraps or make it a raw tuna taco for only $4.00 each during happy hour.


Pick Your Tuna

We know that people have different opinions on spice. What’s too hot? What’s not hot enough? Well at Poke O we have everyone covered. We are happy to offer both regular tuna and spicy tuna as options for your poke bowl, rice wrap, or tuna taco.

Make It A Bowl

We have a great selection of our Signature Bowls for you to choose from or you can create your own. Try our Spicy Tuna Bowl with cucumber, shredded carrots, ginger, edamame, shaved almonds, garlic, beets, and our Spicy Ponzu sauce. Or how indulge in our Matcha Spicy Tuna Bowl with white rice, cucumber, pickled ginger, edamame, seaweed salad, Napa cabbage, red bell pepper, and our Sriracha Matcha sauce. You can swap out of regular tuna for either bowl as well.

Make It A Wrap

Our poke wraps feature your choice of tuna (spicy or regular), five veggie toppings, rice, and house made sauce all wrapped in your choice or seaweed or soy paper. For veggie toppings we have a great selection including yellow radish, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, green onion, red onion, sweet onion, chopped kale, cucumber, carrots, and roasted corn. Pick your favorites and we’ll wrap it all up in seaweed or soy paper for a tasty treat!

Make It A Taco

With our poke tacos, you get to be the creator just like with our poke wraps. You can choose your protein, veggies, and sauce and then we place it all in a hard taco shell. Our poke tacos are a great twist on our poke menu. Try one (or create a few) today!