What is poke?

The word poke is a Hawaiian for "to slice or cut.” Poke is a dish that consists of cubed, raw fish atop a bed of rice and/or mixed greens and served with your choice of additional toppings. You can think of this dish as deconstructed sushi served in a bowl. Our toppings include (among others) edamame, cucumber, carrots, green onions, mango, and avocado. Finish your bowl off with one of our sauces and add a little bit of crunch and you’ve got a Hawaiian treat without having to take a 10+ hour flight!

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What makes poke such a great option for lunch or dinner is the endless amount of combinations you can create for your bowl. At Poke-O we have numerous protein options for your bowl including salmon, tuna, spicy tuna, shrimp, and tofu. Once you have made your decision on what protein you would like, pick your base of white or brown rice, kale or regular salad, quinoa, or couscous, then you can go wild with your toppings.  Feeling adventurous? Start your bowl with spicy tuna atop our white rice, add in some habanero pepper, throw on some shishito pepper beets, and top it all off with our Sriracha Macha sauce. Your taste buds will enjoy every spicy bite!

Not a huge raw fish fan or maybe not too brave when it comes to seafood? Start with our mixed greens and then try our tofu or make a safe bet with brown rice and shrimp as your protein. Add in some cucumber and carrots and top it off with our Asian Vinaigrette sauce and you’ll have a tasty meal in your intro to poke. We think it’s safe to say you’ll be back and eager to try more options next time!

In today’s busy world, we all want convenience when it comes to our meal choices. There are so many fast food options to choose from in the Dallas area. However, making healthy choices is still very important. Poke is the perfect choice to grab a meal on the go, without having to sacrifice getting the nutritional value our bodies need. If you want an amazing poke bowl in Dallas, Poke-O is the place to go!

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