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Art Appreciation

At Poke O, we are not only passionate about all things poke, but we also love art! We aren't just fans of art, we also love interacting with artists and learning more about their work. We consider ourselves artists when it comes to creating poke bowls, so we can appreciate the creativity and talent that goes into creating beautiful pieces of art.

Just as we pride ourselves on using fresh local product, we also love supporting local artists! To show the local Dallas art scene how much we care, we have created a monthly rotational art display program. Each month we will display art pieces from local artists in our shop, hanging beautifully on the walls for all to admire while dining in Poke O. We believe this initiative will help promote the artists’ talents for greater exposure and appreciation, as well as add an added beauty and ambiance to our shop.

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With that said, would you like to be featured next? It is our pleasure to showcase local artists’ work and if you are an artist who would like to participate, then let us know! You can submit examples of your artwork to our staff at Poke O by emailing us at art@poke-o.com. Please include the size of each art piece with resolution specifications, so that we can get a clear understanding of how big the piece is.

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Each month there will be an “Artist of the Month” on display. By the 14th of each month, Poke O will choose the artist and the artist of the month will be notified. There may be occasions where more than one artist is chosen at a time if we get a lot of submissions. In that instance, there will be a monthly schedule so that each artist will be displayed in equal length. Such schedule will be arranged by Poke O and the artists will be notified.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! We look forward to sharing your art with Dallas!

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