Sustainable, Local, Organic

At Poke O, we are committed to making a positive impact on our community and the world we live in. It is very important to us to give back in any way we can, no matter how small it may be. If you can leave the world a little better than when you entered it, you’re doing something right.

Environmental Impact

As we began our venture into poke, one of our first concerns was finding ways to minimize our carbon footprint. Not only does this help the environment, but in turn it allows us to support our local community. Poke O shops for its finest, fresh ingredients at high quality local farms and fish markets. We find that if we can shop local, not only are we supporting our community and our customers, but we are also minimizing the amount of time we spend in cars and minimizing the amount of time our ingredients are spent in transit (whether by airplane or truck). It is also our preference is always to buy organic when available.



As with reducing our carbon footprint left behind, recycling is paramount to us. One of the easiest ways we have found to reduce the amount of paper we use is by having an online menu and pre-ordering option. By having these paperless options for our customers to order the best poke in Dallas, we are able to print less paper menus. The less paper we are producing, the less paper will end up in landfills. If we can prevent that, it is a good thing! We also encourage our customers to dispose of their poke bowl containers and utensils in the appropriate recycling bins.

Community Support

We further show our support to local artists by having a monthly rotational art display program. We believe this initiative will help promote their talents for greater exposure and appreciation.

interior blue1.jpg

We understand that it can be hard for local artists to get their work seen and can result in endless hours of promotion and hustle. If we can lighten that burden and be an outlet to share artists’ work with the Dallas community, then we couldn’t be happier to help!

Sustainable, local, and organic, are hallmarks of Poke O. We hope you enjoy your poke as much as we love making it!

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