The History Behind Poke

So what is poke anyway? Poke (pronounced poh-kay) means “to slice crossways into pieces” in Hawaiian, and is a native Hawaiian cuisine. Poke was born from fishermen who used to season the cut-offs of their catches and then eaten as snacks, and has since morphed into the delectable raw dishes we know today. 

Over the years, poke has been heavily influenced by Asian cultures (primarily Japanese), which how most Americans know the ingredients they fondly associate to sushi.

The variations of ingredients are limitless with most poke restaurants sticking heavily to a handful of different fishes, but primarily tuna, salmon and yellowtail. The vegetables that compliment the fish can be customized, and yet true poke enthusiasts know exactly what vegetables mix with certain sauces, fishes and crunchy toppings.

best poke in dallas

At Poke O, our goal is to be more than just a poke bowl. We infuse art into our creations, and ensure each bowl is made with love. Our ingredients are always of the highest quality, and the freshness of our food is unmatched in Dallas. 

We are loving our new space at Mockingbird Station, and sit proudly next to the painted steps going up to the Dart rail.  

Come in and see why Poke O is truly the best poke bowl in Dallas, and how we have artfully taken poke from the hungry fisherman to a beautiful and delicious meal that’s good for your body and soul. 

Terrence Gordon