Movie Night With Poke O

What could be better than a night out at the movies? Obviously a night out at the movies with poke! At Poke O we’re so excited to announce a great new deal. We’ve teamed up with Angelika Film Center for our “Angelika Theater Special” available now. Simply stop by Poke O and show us your movie ticket and score our poke bowl and wine deal. What does this deal include? Well, you get a poke bowl and a glass of Copa wine. Regular is $12 and Large is $15. Talk about a deal, right?! We love the movies as much as we love poke, so we are thrilled to bring the two together just for you!


What Bowls Do You Have?

Oh so many! Starting with our Signature Bowls, you can choose from Mediterranean Salmon (which includes couscous, avocado, yellow radish, pineapple, sweet onion, green onion, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, mint, sesame seeds, and Chili Lime sauce), Tex Mex Shrimp (which includes white rice, avocado, roasted corn, red onions, cilantro, red bell pepper, mango, crunchy onion, and Sriracha Matcha sauce), Spicy Ponzu Tuna (which includes brown rice, cucumber, beets, shredded carrots, ginger, edamame, shaved almonds, crunch garlic, and Spicy Ponzu sauce), Matcha Spicy Tuna (which includes white rice, cucumber, pickled ginger, edamame, seaweed salad, napa cabbage, red bell pepper, and Sriracha Matcha sauce), Wasava Coco Yellowtail (which includes white rice, shredded carrots, green onion, red bell pepper, chopped kale, cucumber, cilantro, crunchy garlic, and Wasavo Coco sauce), or Poke O Tofu (which includes brown rice, cucumber, shredded carrots, edamame, napa cabbage, mango, green bell pepper, shredded coconut, and Asian Vinaigrette sauce).

Or create your own bowl with a base of rice, mixed greens, couscous, or half & half. Then choose from over 20 toppings, 6 different proteins, and one of our delicious homemade sauces.

What Wine Can I Pair With My Poke?

We have three refreshing options of Copa wine to go with your poke bowl in our Angelika Theater Special. Choose from Copa Chardonnay, Copa Cabernet, or Copa Pinot Grigio. All three are perfect pairings to your poke bowl!


Stop in today with your movie Angelika Theater movie ticket and let us create your Angelika Theater Special!


*Prices and dates of any special mentioned herein are subject to change at Poke O’s sole discretion.