Vacation With Poke O

Whether you need a treat before you head to the airport, sustenance for your road trip, or you’re vacationing right here in Dallas (staycations are still vacations!), Poke O has the perfect menu options to meet everyone’s needs. Start your vacation off right with the best poke in Dallas!


If you’re on your way out of town, poke is a great quick option to grab on the way to the airport or to start off your road trip. With our awesome menu packed with options like our Signature Bowls (Mediterranean Salmon, Tex Mex Shrimp, Spicy Ponzu Tuna, Match Spicy Tuna, Wasavo Coco Yellowtail, or Poke O Tofu), Poke Tacos (choose from our great selection of protein like spicy tuna, yellowtail, salmon, crab, shrimp, and tofu, add veggies like cucumber, chopped kale, carrots, avocado, edamame, or bell peppers, then top off with one of our tasty sauces like our Chili Lime, Spicy Ponzu, and our Sriracha Matcha), Poke Tostados (pick your protein, add in some veggies, then pick your sauce to be placed top of a deep-fried tortilla), or your own creation,  no matter where you’re heading, we’ve got the food covered!

If you’re just vacationing at home and enjoying the time off, have Poke O delivered right to your door! Poke O has partnered with Grubhub for our delivery service. In just a few easy steps you can order one of our delicious Poke-O bowls and have it on its way to your front door in no time! First things first is to decide which of our amazing bowls you want by clicking on the "Order Online" button on the homepage of our website. Browse through our menu and choose from our amazing options. Before you know it, Poke O will be at your front door!

No matter where or how you’re vacationing this Summer, let Poke O help kick it off with the best poke in Dallas! Bon voyage!